Sovema's mission is devoted to an high-quality production in the industry of agricultural implements; furthermore, in order to keep this commitment always alive and steady, we have developed a new industrial organisation compatibile with the main certifications.
Our main focus is the full satisfaction of the Customer and our behaviour is toward that direction .

"Our main focus is the full satisfaction of the Customer"

Our activity, with headquarter in Gaggio in Piano, near the city of Modena, is organised in two factories dedicated to the production of agricultural implements for soil working, gardening, maintenance of green areas, and to the development and production of cabins for tractors and industrial machines.

Why choosing Sovema?

In Sovema we believe in competence and manufacture tradition alongside technology. Our main focus and constant commitment is to fully satisfy our Customer's requests.


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Finishing Mower EM.2-72 Rear
​ EM.2-72 SPECIFICATION Cuttin..
$3,299.00 $2,499.00
Ex Tax: $2,271.82
Finishing Mower EM.3 - 84
​ EM.3-84 SPECIFICATION Cuttin..
$4,199.00 $2,999.00
Ex Tax: $2,726.36
Sovema Fertiliser Spreader FS-500
FS-500 SPECIFICATION Spread Width..
$1,299.00 $899.00
Ex Tax: $817.27
Sovema Rotary Hoe Laser-2-120
Laser-2-120 SPECIFICATION Digging..
$3,199.00 $2,499.00
Ex Tax: $2,271.82
Sovema Rotary Hoe REC-2 180
$6,899.00 $3,999.00
Ex Tax: $3,635.45
Sovema Rotary Hoe RP-2 160
RP-2-160 SPECIFICATION Digging Wi..
$4,499.00 $3,499.00
Ex Tax: $3,180.91